Supporters & Donors

Our sincere thanks to the generous support of our supporters of Ontario Wildlife Rescue. All donations help to care for injured and orphaned wild animals across Ontario.
The government does not fund wildlife centres in Ontario. Financial donations from the public and businesses are what keeps wildlife and rehabilitation centres in Ontario going.

Includes businesses, foundations and private donors who have contributed over $10,000 to Ontario Wildlife Rescue. Their support has helped save hundreds of wild animals in Ontario.

These supporters have been instrumental in the growth and development of Ontario Wildlife Rescue in the province.

Includes individuals and businesses who have donated to the support of injured and orphaned wild animals across Ontario.

  • Michelle Teunissen & Stephanie Carrter
  • Jeff McCreight
  • Cathy & Mark Elliott
  • Joann Teunissen
  • Gail Short
  • Annette & Tony Van Kempen
  • Janis Vandermey
  • Franiz & Vivian Mcestre
  • Jack & Noreen Neilson
  • Monique White


  • Richard Johns 2016
  • Amber James 2016
  • Tyler Lawson 2014
  • Mark White 2011
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