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New organization to help transport wildlife in distress

 Ontario Wildlife Transport (OWT) is a new volunteer organization. This is a volunteer organization assisting those with no other means of transport, driving injured and orphaned wildlife to Wildlife Rescue Centres across the province. Ontario Wildlife Transport’s team of experienced coordinators and dedicated drivers are all united in a common goal - to get wildlife in need into care as quickly as possible. 

       The idea behind a transport group specifically for wildlife has been a long time in the making. The group’s founders – Glenda Nota, Sherrill Nesbitt, Paula Johnson, Leanne Braschel and Annie Slater – have volunteered for domestic rescue transports and felt that there was a pressing need for a network to get wildlife in distress to rehabbers who can help. To meet this need, Ontario Wildlife Transport was created in October 2022.

        Ontario Wildlife Transportation in their first month , they transported 65 animals into care! On a campaign to expand further, OWT is seeking more volunteer transporters throughout Ontario. Interested drivers can visit the OWT Facebook page at

    Ontario Wildlife Rescue is a separate organization that works with over 50 Wildlife Rescue Centers across the province.  All the Wildlife Rescue Centers in Ontario are licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources to take in injured and orphaned wild animals, rehabilitate them and release them back into the wilds. Ontario Wildlife Rescue welcomes the creation of Ontario Wildlife Transport and the help they are giving to wildlife. 

There is a link on website for the public to connect with Ontario Wildlife Transport . 


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