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Volunteers Needed for Wildlife Rescue Centers

 Volunteers Needed for Wildlife Rescue Centers 

Wildlife Rescue Centers take in injured and orphaned wild animals, rehabilitate them and release them back into the wilds. Wildlife Rescue Centers are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources but give no support from any level of Government. Wildlife Rescue centers are completely dependent on the public for support and volunteers. The number of Volunteers directly effect the number of animals they can help. 

              Why should someone volunteer 

 If a person is able to donate even a few hours a week, it can make a big difference. There are a lot of ways they can help out at a wildlife centre. Do they have a skill or a trade? Do they have a car? Can they help with administration, animal care, maintenance or fund raising?  So volunteer.


Below are listed some of the most common jobs needed by wildlife centres:

IN CENTRE VOLUNTEERS: Help with the administration, phones and the day-to-day operations of the centre. Most centres run 7 days a week so helping evenings or weekends.

DRIVERS: Providing transportation for injured and orphaned animals to the centre. 

FUND RAISING: All wildlife centres can use help in raising money from canvassing for donations to help manning booths at local festivals/events. Help with special fundraising. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Helping put out newsletter to supporters and donors. Writing articles and taking pictures. Getting coverage in the local media. 

FOSTER PARENTS: Many centres have a foster care program. There are not enough rehabbers for the # of animals and that you can do it in your own home in a small way... every animal saved helps. Animals are placed in volunteer homes under the supervision of a centre authorized staff. 

BUILDING & MAINTANCE: Building pens and cages for animals. Repairs to building and facilities is often a constant problem.


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Ontario Wildlife Rescue (OWR) works with over 50 Wildlife Rescue Centers (Wildlife Rehabbers) across the province. Ontario Wildlife Rescue connects the public with wildlife rescue centers ( OWR also help find resources (food, medical supplies and veterinarians) for Wildlife  Centers across Ontario.  Ontario Wildlife Rescue is a Federally incorporated non-profit charity (license 8155291-2RR0001).

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