Vets for Wildlife

All the wildlife centres in ontario are run by volunteers and receive no funding from any level of government. They are completely dependent on the public for support.

With urban sprawl and ever shrinking habitat an ever increasing number of orphaned and injured wild animals are arriving at wildlife centres in ontario every year. With limited resources wildlife centres need all the help they can get.

As a veterinarian you are in unique position to help out. We are asking for your support in our vets for wildlife campaign. Here are three ways you can help out.

Infomation level
Give out Ontario Wildlife Rescue brochures at your clinic.
Put a Ontario Wildlife Rescue link on your website.
Fund raising level
Sell Ontario Wildlife Rescue calendars at your clinic.
Hand out donation packages at your clinic.
Centre support level
Offer veterinarian service to wildlife centres in your area for free.
Start a wildlife centre in your area (we can provide details on how)
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