Wildlife Food Services

Food Services
Wildlife Food Services is run by Ontario Wildlife Rescue (OWR). One of the biggest expenses for any Wildlife Rehabbers is food. The intent of Wildlife Food services is to try and mitigate some of that cost. OWR has been fortunate to have found several Pet Food companies willing to donate to Wildlife Rehabbers. Donations include dog and cat food (dry and wet). bird seed and frozen meat (red, chicken and fish). Other food such as rabbit, turtle, humming bird periodically become available. Most food is near or at an expired date, damaged packages or discontinued lines. Most food comes in with multiple manufactures brands on a skid. We usually do not know very far in advance what we are getting. The food is free to licensed Rehabbers in Ontario. To qualify a Rehabber also has to be listed on the OWR website (donners want to know who they are helping)  Availability depends on the Pet Food companies. Let us know in advance what you could use.

Medical and Cleaning Supplies.
Disposable gowns, masks, wipes are also available. Syringes, bandages and saline solution also becomes available at times.  Dawn detergent is available by the case for wildlife that has been caught in oil or grease.

OWR has the use of a warehouse facility in Bolton (north of Hwy 50 and 7). If you are close to the Greater Toronto Area arrangements can be made for you to pick-up directly from the warehouse. For those further away Manitoulin Transport will ship it to any of their terminals in Ontario free of charge. It is shipped over night from the warehouse and the Rehabbers has to pick-it up the next day. All deliveries have to be arranged through OWR in advance.

NOTE: If you know of any free items that other Wildlife Rehabbers in the province could benefit from please contact us at 416 436-9892 or sandy@ontariowildliferescue.ca.


For more information about Wildlife Food Services contact Sandy at 416 436-9892 or email sandy@ontariowildliferescue.ca.


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